ABOUT Sree Vaidyanatham

Ayurvedam is one of the outstanding and greatest contributions of the revered Rishis of the Ancient Bharath. It is a holistic way of treatment not only for the human beings but for the animals and plants as well.

It is not necessary to compare Ayurvedam with the other streams of treatment. It was the basic principles and dogmas of the Ayurvedam that paved the way for Hipocrates (Modern medicine-Alopathy) and Samuel Haniman (Homeopathy) Sreevaidyanatham is a leading Ayurveda hospital in Calicut, Wayanad. We are providing all treatments of Ayurveda in Wayanad and Calicut along with yoga and Kalari marma


  • Diet control
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Mud therapy
  • Water therapy
  • Sun Bath
  • Steam Bath
  • Hip Bath
  • Spinal Bath


Get personalized Consultation from Our Ayurvedic Physicians

We value relationships and offer everlasting hospitality. We believe that understanding our customers is the best way to serve them. Our experienced team of doctors and therapists from ayurveda in Calicut, Wayanad is oriented towards providing personalized services that offer you the best possible treatment of ayurveda in Calicut.


Special Ayurveda Package in Sree Vaidyanatham

In Vaidyanatham, Yoga Kalari Marma Prakrithi Chikilsalayam and the top ayurveda in Wayanad is the alternative hospital of Indian tradition, originated in ancient times. Ayurveda is a natural healing science for cure, prevention or rejuvenation of the body based on the use of herbs or herbal medicines.